Arcnet Makes Diploma Mills and False Certificates History

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17 September 2018 Natalie G

Challenges education world go through

Diploma mills and fake certificates (B.Sc., M.Sc. and even PhD) have become one of the key challenges contemporary global educational system is facing. According to statistics, roughly 200,000 fake degrees around US and other countries are awarded to students on an annual basis, and 85% of employees have caught applicants fibbing on their résumés.

To confirm applicant’s degree an employer has to drill down into the information he provides and validate his educational background. But with recruiters going bleary-eyed sorting through hundreds of applicants, it becomes possible for unqualified candidates to slip through the initial screening process. And this costs companies big in several ways: waste of time, resources and money, tarnished reputation, loss of clients, and even litigation.

Breaking Status Quo with Blockchain

Blockchain technology and smart contracts can address these challenges through developing a decentralized platform, where responsibility for curating credentials is disintermediated, away from educational institutions to students.

Due to blockchain characteristics (permanent decentralized ledger of information) the data stored in it is reliable and tamper proof. Every record is logged as a transaction, and this provides a proof that the document was a certain state at a certain period of time. This transaction becomes part of blockchain, and the records can’t be changed in no case, thus counterfeiting diplomas or certificates becomes impossible.

In the meantime blockchain makes it possible for graduates to have a transparent and publicly-available records of their accomplishment, and share them in a secure way with anyone they want.

New Standard for Certifications

ArcCert, one of the main constituents of Arcnet (blockchain-powered and AI intensive career development network) provides a set of tools allowing universities, training centers, and other educational and certification institutions to create and issue temper-proof and verifiable diplomas and certificates.

Once registering with ArcCert the educational institution can create a digital file where all the information about student’s progress (including courses he took, scores he got when passing semesters, etc.) are posted on the platform, thus making this data fully traceable with no chance to reverse it. Once a diploma/certificate is issued, it can be traced back to see whether that diploma/certificate is consistent with the courses the student took.

Benefits ArcCert Provides

ArcCert comes with benefits provided either for graduates, who can easily prove the ownership of their degrees and share information about their education with third parties, or for educational institutions as they can ensure high reputation and avoid issues with false diplomas/certificates, as the opposite will discourage the potential students and employers from entering there or hiring their graduates.

ArcCert benefits include but are not limited to:

Transparency and reliability: Introduction of verifiable qualifications on a blockchain creates transparency and reliability by offering a straightforward method for checking if someone holds a degree.

Reduced cost and bureaucracy: ArcCert eliminates a great amount of paperwork and considerably reduces the cost of issuing, storing and retrieving certificates.

Increased chances for employment: ArcCert provides integrated database, where all the information about graduates (including rating, total amount of jobs completed, ) can easily be traced, thus their chances for employment and career development are increased.