ArcCert Platform Issues the First Blockchain-Based Certificate

Blog   / ArcCert Platform Issues the First Blockchain-Based Certificate
19 August 2022 Mariam Sargsyan

As a result of the partnership between ISTC - Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center and ARCNET, Armenian startup, the first blockchain-based certificate was issued on ArcCert.

Narek Yeranosyan, who is a Python Developer in ISTC Coding School, the holder of the first blockchain-based certificate in Armenia shared his impressions:

Nowadays a lot of modern people prefer digital data storage system, instead of paper data storage method. ArcCert breaks all the arriers of old mentality. ArcCert platform assures me that no matter my location, my data will be available at any time. And, also, my certificates, diplomas and other skills’ database will be in safe hands and will be available to access in one place

Inna Amirkhanyan, Education Program Coordinator in ISTC, tells about her thoughts:

ISTC welcomes the project of ArcCert. We will use the project in our educational program. ArcCert will make it possible to issue certificates, which are available for our students everywhere. We can also prevent fraud because the platform eliminates the possibility of issuing fake certificates.

For more infomation follow this link.